Monday, January 2, 2012

Make-Up Atelier Paris: Professional Makeup Divine

In 1986 Hélène Quillé introduced to the professional makeup world Make-Up Atelier Paris:  her collection of face, eye and lip colors, as well as incredible brushes in natural and synthetic fibers.  Since that time the brand has been revered by makeup artists, and recently I’ve been hearing more and more about this great company via myriad gurus, notably Wayne Goss.

Luckily, Makeup Atelier was easy enough for me to find here in Paris, and I visited the boutique one afternoon last week.  The quality is amazing, and trust me, I’ve tried it all.  Anouk, a beautiful and patient makeup artist walked me around the collection, and taught me a few tricks of the trade as well (application is key….and practice makes perfect!).   I had a wonderful time and of course treated myself to many goodies.  I am delighted with everything I purchased and I’m hooked! 

If you live in Paris this is a must-do destination; but you can also order online.   All information will be noted below my photos.  
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The Atelier....a playground of colors!
Fabulous brushes and skin care

Extremely fine brushes for precision....

Blushes and eye shadows
Eye shadows 
The lipsticks in matte and satin 
Palettes of eye shadows

Lip pencils 
Essentials for the makeup maven:  concealers!
My favorite...waterproof gel eyeliners 

Waterproof body and face foundation 

Water-based lightweight face color

Shine sparkle smile glitter colors
Professional fantasy pots
More for the stage and professional application
Merci Anouk for a wonderful time!

Contact Information:

Make-Up Atelier Paris
19 rue de la Pierre Levée
75001 Paris
01 48 05 16 40

To Purchase online:  

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am so happy to have stumbled upon your website. Girl those pics are so enticing. Thanks for the review. One quick question, do they ship to the US? I've been longing to get my hands on their foundation.