Monday, January 16, 2012

POGGI Paris -- Color Aplenty Jewelry on the Left Bank

I've always been a fan of POGGI....a costume jewelry boutique on the Left Bank of Paris.  The colors are bright and shiny and incredibly different!  
Here are a few photos I took over the weekend.  
POGGI celebrates it's 36 anniversary this year.  Bravo!  
This is for you, Laurence. 
Shine Sparkle Smile.
Love, Myra

These earrings will have to be mine!!!!!  The green is gorgeous! 
Gold vingette....perfection!

Love this leopard editorial photo in the window beneath the collection.... 

Layer your jewels......!
Closeup of the gorgeous cross in black metal.........

A perfect Parisian windowscape......POGGI!

Contact Information:
10, rue de Grenelle
75006 Paris
01 4548 1128

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Making it by making things said...

I've owned one piece of Poggi jewelry and I've searched (in a lazy way) for years to find more of the jewelry. A friend and I agreed that the name of the designer was "Pocci," so that's what I searched. Needless to say I never had any success and was always sorry that such a promising designer had vanished. ... That's just by way of explaining why I am so pleased to suddenly be enlightened! In a description I read the name correctly and have been rewarded to see the designer is as successful as that one piece I own led me to believe she could be.

Now I'm wondering how to find retired pieces, particularly the bright colors and the one's articulating in a long pendant shape. I would have hoped the designer would have developed a system of building a piece with elements of different sizes and connectors. The client would be able to buy several (or many) elements and construct their own jewelry from the outstanding Poggi pieces. I think that could have been a profitable sideline.

I appreciate your photos and any information you could share. (For instance, how much are the green earrings?) Do you know of a vintage market that might offer some of the retired pieces?

Best wishes to you as we both pursue our beloved jewelry,
(I don't use gmail these days, but you can try Facebook if you feel inclined to respond. I'll check your sites again soon.)