Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brights, Camera, Action!

Here, there, everywhere:  Brights!  Magazines, window displays, people.  Here's a sampling from my walkabout yesterday.  My favorite moment was a glimpse of a woman in a bright pink coat with a matching Birkin...delicious!  Please subscribe, share and comment.  Love, Myra

Mauvy pink croc Kelly Bag and baby sisters

Fabulous purple/black/turq leopard suede boots
Pony print backpack and polka dot hikers featured at Colette

Two scarves I'm really loving!  Giuseppe Zanoti, St Honore 

Roses from Costes

Dolce et Gabbana
Bright yellow tag on Goyard bag
Canary yellow fabu fakes from Bijoux Burma
So Cool...D&G

Mixing orange and purple with a green watch...great!

Lots of bright pink from Philipp Plein
Fuzzy photo but had to include my best moment of the day!
Happy Pink!

Joan of fav bright gold monument in Paris!
Place des Pyramids

Perfect ring in bright stones by Philippe Ferrandis

Pretty bags....made of chocolate!
Bright...but in a different all the mirrors
Toy Watches never disappoint!

Goyard the initials and numbers....

Bottega Venta

Window at Lyubov 
More Lyubov
Happy Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go for the Neutrals...Naturellement!

It's that time of year....we're sorting through our closets and trading those lightweight fabrics for cozy wools and cashmere.  If you're like me, black will always be a basic, but lately I'm adding touches of neutrals.  Vanilla, beige, ivory, cream, taupe...whatever you want to call it...just add a few bits now and again.  Here's what I found this week on rue de Passy and St Honore in Paris...neutrals are out there and ready for the taking!  And I can happily report I treated myself to a lightweight yet warm S'Max Mara cube coat in a glorious champagne color...I'm ready for the temperatures to drop!  Please subscribe, share and comment!  Love, Myra
Fornasetti Corner at L'Eclaireur 
Another L'Eclaireur vignette
More divine offerings at L'Eclaireur

Mink Topper at Gerard Darel
Gerard Darel
Gerard Darel lamb vest with muse Robin Wright in the background
Love this sparkly top with slouchy pocket
Mad Men inspired blouse paired with great shorts and leopard belt
Fur from Patrick Gerard 
Fabulous cuff from Patrick Gerard
Luxe Loro Piana tote
More Loro Piana....fabulous cozy clothes!
Michael Kors Accessories 

Great Michael Kors head-turner turnouts
Tara Jarmon
Tara Jarmon must-have gloves

The S'Max Mara Cube Coat! 

Max Mara
Faux leopard coat from Max Mara 
Incroyable coat from Hermes
Perfect photo of an Hermes straw Kelly in my favorite green
More from Hermes...
Cheating on my neutral theme here...but love the quilted skirt.
Comptoir des Cottoniers

Me shooting on St Honore at Pinko
A perfect setting for lunch while wearing your newest neutrals!
Farnesina Restaurant, a block off St Honore