Saturday, November 5, 2011

L'Ibis Rouge: Fabulous Vintage Couture in Paris

L'Ibis Rouge is a beautiful boutique on the Left Bank, just a few blocks from Le Bon Marche.  The owner and creatrice Vivianne Dendievel offers an incredible array of couture vintage costume jewelry, clothing and bags, as well as modern pieces...some designed by Vivianne herself.  I have visited this wonderful collection of exquisite pieces many times and consider myself so lucky to have had the chance to sit down and speak with Vivianne about her amazing 'eye' and style a few days ago.  

Please see my video chat with Vivianne on my YouTube channel (search on MyraParis if you can't access this link):

I hope you love these one-of-a-kind pieces as much as I do!  Enjoy and please subscribe, share and comment.  Love, Myra

Wonderful display!  Only in Paris!
Two favorites:  the lizard clutch and the enamel frog brooch

Incredible Cuffs! 

A necklace I've been dreaming of...the combination of stones with pearls is great!
The bag on the far left would be perfect with your Louboutins....
Every vintage bag in is pristine condition; pretty amazing....
A perfect vingette

Love the earrings in the middle.... 

These earrings are quite large...each would be great clipped to the cuffs of a black cashmere sweater...or a custom leather cuff...

Vivianne during the interview....

Contact Information:
L'Ibis Rouge
35, boulevard Raspail
75007 Paris
01 4548 9821


Anonymous said...

Dear Vivienne We had a wonderful experience when we bought the Robert Goossens earrings at your boutique in May. My husband and I love the purple flower earrings. Thanks for giving me the name of the fabric store by the Bastille. We did go and I got a large piece of fabric for a Chanel suit. They do have a lot of bolts of fabric. Donna and Frank Kiley

Anonymous said...

I met a woman on the bus, only yesterday. The earings she had on, caught my attention. When I eventually summoned courage to ask her where she purchased them, she mentioned L'iIbis Rouge. From what I see on here, the pieces are really nice and creative. All the reasons why we love paris - Les bijoux, n´est pas ?