Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back to Black on Saint-Honore

Right now the windows of Saint-Honore are 'plein de noir'...full of black.  
Edgy, urban, ready to rock!  
So much so, they brought to mind some of my favorite tracks.  
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Love, Myra

Barbara Bui -- "Blue Sky" 

John Richmond -- "Extraordinary" (Liz Phair)
Sonya Rykiel -- "Love at First Sight"
Poiray -- "Breathe"
Bally -- "'Wanted"
Ferragamo -- "Simply Irresistible"
Yves Saint Laurent - "Ray of Light"
Jun Ashida -- "Music is Through"
Boucheron -- "Candy"
Cartier -- "White Christmas" (Please Santa)

Collection L'Ibis Rouge -- "Modern Love"

Gucci -- "Roam"

Chanel -- "More Than This"
Love This Sign.....

Veering off my theme...but had to include these beautiful champagne flutes!  
La Madeleine is in the Reflection

Merci pour votre visite!

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