Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bijoux by Philippe Ferrandis

Since 1986, Philippe Ferrandis has been wowing the fashion world and bijoux lovers with his beautiful creations.  His boutiques in Paris offer irresistible pieces and I've never left one of his shops without a few of his designs.  Please see my video montage on YouTube dedicated to this incredibly talented and unrivaled designer :

The following photos were taken this week at the Philippe Ferrandis boutique on rue Saint Honore.  Merci Joseph!  Love, Myra

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Jewelry coupons said...

This jewelry designer really has a flair for creating colorful pieces. I like the way he uses large gems in natural themes and makes the color spaces look a little larger than they would normally. The fish are my favorite pieces.

block-c coupons said...

wow after seeing these pictures i am more than ever anxious to go to Paris now.

Thanks for the colorful post