Sunday, November 27, 2011

London! A Night on Knightsbridge....

Wonderful, divine London.  Hope you enjoy this quick nighttime tour in and around Knightsbridge last weekend, with a few photos the following day. 
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Harrods Windowscapes

Roberto Cavalli 
Love this Display -- Marni Boutique
Dior at Twilight
Blushing Glam from Giorgio Armani

Prada Please......
Giusepppe Zanotti
Iconic Pucci

Miu Miu
Shine A-Plenty from Gina 

Great mix of colors.....
Loving this bag.... 

Sergio Rossi 
Sergio Rossi Boutique

Jimmy Choo at Harvey Nichols

And the next day.....Knightsbridge at Dawn....

Shanghai Tang...For Florence
The Burlington Piccadilly

Gorgeous Fall colors in St. James's Park

Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the Prowl on Rue Royale

Rue Royale offers Maxim's, Gucci, Laduree, Bernardaud, Poiray, Chanel, to name a few.  Voici my snapshots from a 20-minute stroll on this famous street
 in the heart of Paris on Wednesday. 

Beautiful porcelain door handles of Bernardaud....for Ben.
La Madeleine
Missoni Divine.  Accept No Substitutes!


Short boots ruled on this day!
Great black hair calf bag
J'adore every word in this description...Hand Made in France, Cristallized, Swarovski.  Shine Sparkle Smile.
First the red flowers...followed by the fashions....
Perfectly Parisian
and then gold...
Gucci wool & gold lame jacket

Gucci Footwear for the Prowl
Incredible gold star windowscape by Gucci
It's all in the details...note the woven leather around the tiger stripes....
Your Trusty Prowler
Spot on Fabulous! 
Craving this umbrella stand by Fornasetti......
and this cabinet.
Detail from another Fornasetti Cabinet....incredible faux finishes all.

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