Saturday, October 15, 2011

Favourite Photos

I love to change my iPad and iMac desktop images!  Here are a few to enjoy; some borrowed from past postings.  Please subscribe, share and comment.  Love, Myra

Images from the Franck et Fils Jewelry Exhibit in September 2011

Wallpaper from Hermes

The original Lutetia piscine (swimming pool) floors in the new Hermes store on rue Sevres in Paris

Textile from a wall panel in Grasse, France

Fabulous Fragonard Iconic image...for Alicia

Another textile from a museum in Grasse, France

For LisaLulu and Sandra...a porcelain design in Grasse

Favorite Porcelain themes 

Young Woman in a Yellow Dress by Jean-Frederic Schall, Rothschild Villa, France

Rothschild Villa Gardens, St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

Ralph Lauren Boutique, Paris

Le Bon Marche, Paris
Staircase designed by Madame Andree Putman
(merci Chantal for this great tidbit!)

Love and Leopard Forever 

Timeless Liberty fabrics.....London in Paris....Le Bon Marche, Paris

The incredible stained glass ceiling, circa 1912, at Galleries Lafayette

For your inner ballerina:  Repetto Window in full-on red with Moulin Rouge touches

My fav combo in jewelry...a little bling in every shape...from Franck et Fils

Vintage Chanel Advertisement...Gripoix!

Tour Eiffel...the view just a block away from my apartment 

More Love and Leopard...from The Blonde Salad blog

Foyer in the original Chanel Boutique, 31, rue Cambon, Paris
You can never be too rich, too thin, or have enough Chanel.

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susan said...

Love your blog! It's almost as much fun as exploring Paris with you...except I can't buy anything.

Keep up the good work!