Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paris Sales -- Les Petites Marques!

In spite of the rage for all the grand, high-end global labels, I find it's (sometimes) more fun to shop for the unadvertised, quietly chic French and UK designers.  Love my new Cheet London, Mysuelly, and Avril Gau purses...I can even use the Avril Gau chain as a necklace!  Another tres fabu find was my tree necklace, complete with a swinging chirper and fellow squirrels.  Had to snag one in each metal colorway, silver & gold.  My guru fashionista LisaLulu had to have one too.  Now THAT's a compliment!

Cheet London Bag, Irie Dress

Mysuelly Bag
Merci Florence for the Inspiration!

Tiny Avril Gau Clutch -- The chain is as marvelous as the bag!

Franck et Fils Tree Necklaces -- Enjoy Yours LisaLulu!
Also featured:  HRH Collection Hera Necklace....Divine.

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