Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Trends in Paris: Florals, Collars and Cuffs!

This week it was time for a I headed to the Left Bank and Lucia Iraci.  Lucia has been the darling of the fashion world for many years here in Paris and I'm lucky enough to grab a rendez-vous with her at her gorgeous salon every four months or so. 
Lucia Iraci, 13, rue Vieux Colombier, 75006 Paris  Tel: 01 42 22 29 86

While on that side of the Seine, I found a few bits of Spring...
ever so slowly popping up in many boutique windows...

Really loving this floral turnout from Sportmax

Sportmax patent perforated tote in glam iridescent blue-purple
Great any time of day...also Sportmax
Maud Frizon flower power brouges 
Cuffs are calling me's one I'm craving from Baby Buddah 
Tara Jarmon vingnette...collars are popping up everywhere for Spring
Detail of one of many collars offered
Poggi goes organic
Guido Pasquali raves in pink cheetah...notice the blue soles...featured on all his shoes 
Sonya Rykiel Enfant happy colors
Had to include these gaiters...cuff your shoes too!  The next trend?

Victoire Homme for Rod, Rob and Vijay


This week I also visited the young artist Heloise Guyard.  Her charming atelier has stacks of watercolors, and this 'apres Redoute' piece caught my eye as a possible addition to my botanical print collection.  Heloise also paints her floral designs on handbags, and I think it's a brilliant way to make your favorite Louis Vuitton bag your very own!
See the photos below and contact Heloise at:
Heloise Guyard, 06 013 05 42 25
This bag is owned by Marie de Tilly
Check out her website on French Elegance at

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