Sunday, April 29, 2012

French Beauty--Skincare & Makeup I Love

No fashion inspiration this week...but there's always something exciting about French skincare and makeup products, easily purchased at pharmacies or Monoprix in Paris.  
Here are a few photos from a pharmacie near my apartment,
and the products I've incorporated into my daily regime.

Thanks for viewing!

Shine Sparkle Smile.  Love, Myra


Displays at my pharmacie today 
(one of the few pharmacies open on Sunday in Paris!)

A jumble of hand cream and lip balm by Ducray...a great value for less than four croissants!
La Roche-Posay
Holy Grail Cleanser:  Bioderma Crealine H2O
Always in my bag and at my desk: Caudalie Eau de Beaute Spray (far left).
The fragrance is so different and refreshing...for the face...but I love to spray it behind my ears too!
This Nuxe shimmer dry oil is a perfect pick-me-up for pasty skin!
Filorga:  Worth every centime...

Here's what I use daily...and I'm happy with the results!

Filorga Iso-Age Day Cream; Sleep and Peel Night Cream
I can't say enough about Sleep and Peel...bottom line:  smells great and works.
Filorga Eye Contour Day/Night Cream
(Filorga is available on; website
La Roche-Posay Anti-Redness Moisturizer
(I like the added SPF 15 and it truly calms redness)
Glytone is not always easy to find...but I've used it nightly for two years.
Will always repurchase and have a back-up tube.
Avene's Light Hydrating Cream is a must-have to mix with sunless tanners....
Et voila, my favorite sunless tanner, also by Avene.  Great for the face and upper body.
No heavy fragrance, lightweight, dries in minutes.
Bourjois powders are FABULOUS!  They smell amazing...very much like Chanel powders.
The Vanilla color is a great base; the Hale color is perfect as a bronzer or a blush, or for contouring.
The healthy mix concealer is not fantastic, but I like the boasting of fruit extracts.
The Balm luminizer is not a French product (made in USA!) but I need to mention as I use it every day!
Love Love Love this highlighter.  Recommended by my makeup maven, Wayne Goss.
It all starts with a clean face morning and night...but you know that.
Bioderma Cleansing Water, Quickies Eye Makeup Remover, and DemakUp Sensitive Cotton Ovals.
Once you start using Bioderma, nothing else will feel right.  I promise!
(Bioderma is available on but very pricy...if you are in France grab as many bottles as you can fit in your suitcase!  Great gifts for your friends!)
Finally:  Don't forget to start you day with a splash of vitamins.
I love these fizzy tablets by Berocca...chock-full of anti-oxidants and sugar-free.

Happy May 2012!  OXOX.

This posting is dedicated to my incredible dermatologist, Dr. Sophie Schmidt-Pillet.

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