Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happiness Is.....Les Marionnettes du Marais!

I've roamed the streets of Paris for fabu finds this week, but nothing seems to grab my fancy. 
(There's always tomorrow!)
However, a month or so ago I found this lovely little shop in the Marais... .
So French, so divine, just right.  Finger puppets!
What more could bring a smile and a smidge of fascination?

Shine Sparkle Smile.

Every color in the rainbow!  So happy and bright! 
All Puppets Shine Sparkle SMILE!!!!

A ferocious wolf orchestra! 
A beautiful couple!

Happy Bunnies...ready for the taking for an Easter basket.... 

The Three Little Pigs and the Big BAD Wolf; Goldilocks and the Three Bears!
This posting is dedicated to my precious friends: Hadley and Marco.  See you soon!!!!!!

Contact Information:
Les Marionnettes du Marais
5 rue Elzevir
75003 Paris
01 48 87 52 73

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Happy March!  Love, Myra

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