Saturday, March 17, 2012

Orange You Glad It's Spring?

Orange, tangerine, bittersweet, persimmon, melon, carrot, pumpkin.  Whatever shade you choose, these colors are out and about in Paris.  Here are a few nice turnouts now featured in the windows along rue de St Honore and rue de Passy.

Victoire Never Disappoints....
This skirt is very cool...destroyed gauze in a beautiful must-have floral print
Love love love this delicate silk chiffon blouse paired with a rough denim vest and the divine skirt
Total Look:  L'Eclaireur...complete with tone-on-tone lamp
Very nice.....really liking the scarf for more texture.

Love this collar necklace....incredible design and craftsmanship! featured in last week's blog....did you see my YouTube video with my gifted music from Moby?

Wolford...always a favorite haunt of mine
Offerings from Mink...Celia....always thinking of you!  ox.

Thank you for your time.
Shine Sparkle Smile.
Love, Myra

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