Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guerlain et Poiray...Divine Favorite Things

Today I visited a Guerlain boutique, where they offered to personalize perfume bottles and lipstick tubes by engraving a prenom (first name).  This tiny but utterly perfect detail is so French, so can a girl resist?  Guerlain's newest fragrance, La Petite Robe Noir, has been on my mind lately...and to have my name engraved on the bottle? pause here.  La Petite Robe Noir (Little Black Dress) is only available in France for the moment, so if you are here ask for a sample at's wonderful and perfect for Spring/Summer.  La Rouge Automatic lipstick is a great top, just push up the lever and voila, discrete lip color application.  Lots of shades to select from in sheer or more full-on coverage.  
Had to share my oh-so-lovely engraved purchases!  
Oh and don't forget Guerlain candles.  THE BEST.


I wear a Poiray watch every day...and change the straps according to my mood or turnout.  I've worn these watches for about five years now and love adding double tour (double around) straps to my collection every season.  Poiray offers leather, stainless, gold, and semi-precious straps.  Scarlett also has a great selection of hand-made custom leather straps of the finest quality for any watch in your collection.
Bon long weekend!  Love, Myra

Love love love the bottle and the little black dress!

This flacon will be on my dresser even after every drop is gone...yay!
Rouge Automatic Lipstick... 
Tube on the right shows the little lever that opens the smart, so chic. 
My favorite Guerlain candles:  Bois des Indes and Pluie de Petals.
In the background my treasured David Hicks vases from London.

My Poiray watches in 18k gold and stainless.  Most straps purchased at Scarlett in Paris.
I dedicate this posting with love to my perfectly Parisian, utterly chic
and everlasting friend, Chantal.

Shine Sparkle Smile!   

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MCG said...

Myra, I just bought a Poiray watch, and would love to find sources for adding straps. Everything from fabric to leather trendy, classic. I'm having trouble coming up with a good internet search strategy. Thanks for your help.