Sunday, June 3, 2012

Everyday Parsley

No Paris finds this week...but I wanted to share my collection of Lisa Taubes necklaces and David Smallcombe bracelets.  Both of these designers are based in the United States, and I'm happy to say their designs are also made in USA.  The necklaces and the bracelets are offered in sterling, gold and rose gold.  I adore mixing and matching the metals according to my mood and turnout.  You can contact the designers directly via their websites; the information is listed below the photos.  I'm simply not dressed if I'm not wearing these perfect bits of parsley.  Happy June!  Love, Myra

My Lisa Taubes necklaces:  5-foot sterling and 5-foot gold necklaces, 20-inch gold necklace with removable beer quartz pendant, 17-inch sterling necklace, 42-inch rose gold necklace.  What I love about these necklaces is you can wear them doubled or tripled, according to the lengths.   They are the most versatile pieces of jewelry I own and add just the right amount of shimmer next to your face. 
I keep my necklaces on my dresser in this mother-of-pearl dish...each link of Lisa's necklaces is hand-soldered and they are extremely strong yet delicate.  I'm especially enjoying the mix of rose gold with sterling or gold...rose gold looks divine on summer-bronzed skin!
I can't begin to say enough about my David Smallcombe bracelets, except they are very addictive.  You can see I've gone a bit overboard.  I started out with three large gold bracelets, and the love affair began.  Each bracelet is hand-signed by David.
David's bracelets are offered in seven different sizes and two different widths.  At first I adored the large bracelets but have come to enjoy the thinner, curved bracelets just as much.  My favorite combination is two large rose gold, two thin rose gold, two thin gold and one thin sterling.  Cartier:  eat your heart out...I'm just as happy wearing these fabulous bracelets!
Contact Information

Lisa Taubes Designs

David Smallcombe Jewelry

You can also email these artists via their Facebook page.

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